Some Things to Keep Underdog Toys in Harmony

Conditions, Sizes, Pictures

All of our products are second hand. They have been used. Even if you see something in a box, or with a tag, it was donated to us, so the packaging may not be perfect anymore. As you shop with us, consider the experience like you would at a thrift store or a yard sale. The fun is in the hunt!

If you are very particular about condition, we might not be the right store for you. We use the pictures as our way of communicating the overall condition of the item - we encourage you to zoom in! We will always always accommodate requests for more pictures if you need more information before buying. Text us - 631.245.8090. Tell us what you need. 

If a toy is battery operated or electronic: if we know that it works we will say so. If it is not working, we will either say nothing or say "Not tested". Unfortunately we do not have time to replace batteries in every toy to test the condition. If you need to know something specific, ask, and we will get the info for you.

The grid that the toys sit on in the photos is a 1 inch grid. Hopefully this helps in the cases where we have forgotten to list a size.